Semi-Transparent e_ink Screen

THE PAGE_Adaptive Delivery Device from Scott Liao on Vimeo.

the page is a prototype ereader concept by designer jae kim that uses a semi-transparent e-ink screen to display image and text. the project aims to find a more appropriate way to interact with newspapers in a digital context. the concept marries the affordances of print and online newspapers into a new device. for starters the e reader folds into segments much like newsprint, allowing it to be spread out on a table, or folded up neatly on the train. this differs from other ereaders, which invent a new format that strays from the original. beyond the product design kim also designed a flexible grid system that allows users to see content in a broad way like in the newspaper, while also being able to directly interact and alter content like on the web. (via jae kim: the page)

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